Styling an outfit is something that needs a bit of a thought if your intention is to make an impact with it. Be it casual wear, office wear, evening wear or the likes, an outfit needs careful thought to look good. However, every day we see many common fashion related errors happen and even though it is easy to criticize them from the outside, it is also easy to not see why people would not realize that they are in fact making a mistake. Here are some of the most commonly made mistakes when it comes to daily fashion and why you should never make them.

Too Much Accessorizing

Embellishing is great. It brings out the creativity in you and puts you in a different light as opposed to following the trends of what everyone else is doing. That said, sometimes we do see people who look like they walked out of the pages of a history book dressed from head to toe in way too many accessories. For example, using a chunky necklace alongside long shoulder length earrings is a bad fashion fail. Instead, if you have a chunky necklace and you still want to add on a bit more go for an elegant and simple hair accessory. You can easily buy fascinators online for really affordable prices so this should not be too much of a problem.

Too Much Makeup

Just like the point mentioned before, a six inch thick layer of makeup is never your best friend. But this has a lot more to do with confidence as opposed to sense of fashion. You really do not have to feel like you cannot leave your room without every single acne blemish covered and your eyelashes perfectly curved. Just be yourself and be free. The only thing that is more beautiful than anything else is a human being who loves themselves and isn’t afraid to be comfortable in their own skin.


Stripes are not necessarily bad all the time. It just has this way of adding on a few pounds if you wear it the wrong way. The vertical thin stripes are actually pretty great and make for some excellent and chic office wear too and it also adds on some length to our physique. It’s the thick horizontal stripes that make you look short and stocky. When you choose a pint be it floral or stripes or checkers always make sure that it does not take away from your best features. A thorough fit on session should put this just right.