Your hair can have a major impact on your final look, which is why your mother always told you to brush your hair and comb it neatly before going out. As we grow older though, these little nuggets of advice, are for the most part ignored. That is until we catch a glimpse of ourselves in a shop window and wonder what on earth we were thinking heading out looking like that. Problem is though, not everyone has the luxury of silky smooth, tameable hair, which leaves some of us in the lurch. And given that we do not really have the time to deal with it every single morning, it becomes quite a big problem. Well, to help you out, here are a few easy hairstyling tips to consider.

Wash Your Hair

Seems fairly straightforward, but also remember not to do this on the daily. Freshly washed hair is very easy to work with because it has a lot of bounce and energy from being refreshed. There is plenty of volumes to work with, and curly-heads find this to be an instant quick-fix. Curls are best defined with moisture, so as soon as you wash your hair, use leave-in conditioner or silicone, and run your fingers through your curls. You will find that it reduces frizz to a certain extent, and keeps you from looking like a permanently windswept golliwog.

Master A Few Updos

The typical bun is drab and boring, and though yes so easy, will not do much for you in terms of making an impression. This is why YouTube was invented; so you could research plenty of updos and learn how to do them yourself. Look up at least 2-3 options, so you are armed. Whenever you have a sudden work event or cocktail to attend but have no time to straighten your hair, just grab a few bobby pins to pin back the strays and get your hair in an updo. If you have hair extensions, all the better since updos look great with plenty of hair wrapped up in them.

Dry Shampoo

The world has been divided on this since its introduction, but having one of these in your possession at all times is not that bad. In fact, you may even thank yourself for it. If you are the sort of person who knows they are bound to wake up to a hectic schedule on a daily basis, then you need to be prepared. This is an excellent way of giving your hair an instant lift without worrying about washing it. It disguises oil practically getting rid of it for a while, giving your hair some much-needed volume as well. Definitely a must-add to your beauty essentials.

Quick Blow Dry

A complete blow dry does demand some of your time, but this is just to give it a breath of fresh air. If you are able to carry a portable hair dryer around with you that would be obviously fantastic, but if not, that is still alright. Just run your brush through your hair with the blow dryer at home and then give it a blast of cool air to set. Slowly work your fingers through afterward, to add more definition in the process as well. This is particularly useful for when your hair feels too weighed down and old.