If you too have your very own digital platform which you use to promote your business on, you will need to pay attention, before anything else, to the service providers and the technical support that you can get on this. There are two main systems of support that you can make use of. One of them is paid for and the other if free of charge. As with anything else, this too has its own advantages and disadvantages and here are some of the drawbacks that you need to know about so that you can make an informed decision about going free of charge.

What Do You Think About Sharing?

You will have to be completely alright with this because you will be sharing the same resources as thousands and thousands of other sites. The fact that you have to pay nothing, comes directly from the fact that the supporting ability for your site and other sites comes from the same platform that is being shared. If you think that this is not too bad, understand that even if one of these crashes, your site’s functionality will be impacted negatively too. Sometimes the sites can remain down for hours until the bug has been located and fixed. If you need to find more information on this and do your own research, which is much advisable visit a reputed site such as hosting-australia.com.au to get the information that you need.

What about the Level of Support That You Will Receive?

With almost all of the free services for digital sites, there will be very little to no support. For example if you site comes crashing down or you are stuck on something or even if you need a bit of guidance on updates, you will find yourself struggling alone. You cannot blame the entity that is handling this for you though, because they will inform you in the beginning that there is no support provided with free services.

There Will Only Be Limited Resources Available

With free support for your site there will only be very little resources that are made available to you. You will have a cap on memory as well as on storage that is provided for you. The amounts that are given to clients using the free service is very, very little and could only assist a minimal site with a very few pages.

Google Will Not Like You Very Much

Imagine that you have this amazing site all set up to promote a service that is excellent and innovative but finally you go unseen and unheard of on Google. It is a fact that Google prefers to promote paid support sites and will promote them on a much higher level as opposed to the unpaid ones.