You might have heard the term “data cabling” but you might still not know what this entails and if you need it and what for. The simple definition of the term is the connection of cables from one or multiple sources. As a homeowner, you should think about data cabling especially if you have various home services and devices. The below list enumerates some of the services a homeowner would need to know about since it involves simple to complex data cabling.


Even if you only have one computer at home, you would still need data cabling, much more if you have two or more. Connecting computers through a network would ensure that the machines are connected to shared equipment such as a printer and or a scanner.

An efficient data cabling would ensure that the computers could access and use the equipment with ease. If the cables are not arranged and installed correctly, it could also be a potential risk for accidental tripping, fire hazard or electrical shortages.

IP phones

Similar to computers, having more than one phone would also require data cabling especially if the phone would be used to call over an IP network such as the internet instead of the standard network for telephones. If you would be using the phones to call over the internet frequently, call for a professional to have your IP phones installed. Look for an expert to do data cable installation Melbourne based who has proper training and holds a data cabler license.


IP TV or smart TVs need to be connected to the internet to function. Not all could connect their TVs properly to the internet for it to work especially if you also have satellite or cable TV. To use your newly purchased smart TV as soon as you purchase it, hire a professional to do it for you. Don’t attempt to do it yourself because not only would you not be sure that the TV would work, you might cause more damage to your TV and other existing cables and network in your home.

Gaming console

If you have a game room or a home theatre, you could connect your gaming consoles and sound surround systems to the internet to make sure that you have a nice gaming or movie experience every time it’s movie or game night.

Solar panels

Most homes have started to go green by converting and using solar energy. If you have recently purchased solar panels for your home, you could also benefit from data cabling. You could have a data cabler connect your solar panels to a network which you could use to track and monitor your electricity usage and see the kilowatts you are using in real time.

Hiring a licensed data cable would not only ensure that your equipment will work but also using the wrong type of cable could put stress on your network and could cause your internet service to be down or underperform.