If you are someone who plans to sell products on the internet, it means you will have to be ready to do a lot of shipping and deliveries. However, this means that your job is not finished after the customer makes the purchase. You also have to make sure the package is ready to be picked up and delivered safely to the customer. In order to do this, you need some of the essential’s items and tools to help you. Keep reading to find out what they are.


The most effective way to ship large order is in boxes. Since shipping boxes come in various sizes, this makes it easier for you to find a box that would fit the order size. You can get these boxes easily at a shipping store. If you plan to ship out many orders at once, it is better to have some extra boxes around the house.

When you are choosing a box to pack the order, make sure to get a box that is slightly larger than the product. This will make sure that the package won’t tear due to the product size and also leaves space if you want to add cushionable material into it. Sturdy, rigid boxes are the best to keep the products from damage.


For some products you don’t need to use boxes. Instead, you can use plastic bags. Especially for small distance deliveries, you can use small plastic bags and courier satchels. They are waterproof and can keep the products safe throughout the delivery.

If you want added protection to your products, you can pack the product in a bag and then pack it in a box. For example, if you are shipping something like jewellery that can get tangled easily inside a box or a product that is made of a delicate material like lace, it is better to wrap them in plastic bags first before putting them in the shipping box.

Cushion and Wrap

These are an essential item to use when you are shipping or delivering fragile items. Cushionable materials will keep the products from moving around inside the package and will keep them from breaking due to impact. Bubble wrap is the most popular and he most effective choice for this. Cover the entire product with bubble wrap so that no corners or edges are visible.

For small distance deliveries such as gifts, you can also use shredded paper. Colourful shredded papers are perfect to make an aesthetic statement. But make sure there is enough to keep the products safe from breakage.


This is an obvious choice when it comes to packaging essentials. You need to make sure the packaging is sealed and will not break on the way to the customer. Using packing tape specifically will help to pack better. These tapes are more secure than regular clear tape so you don’t have to worry about the packages breaking loose halfway through the delivery process.


Finally, you will need some labels. Firstly, you need address labels to write or type the customers address. You will also need some custom-made labels that include your product logo so that you can paste or stick them on the outside of the packaging. In addition to these two types of labels, it is also better to have custom made thank you notes that you can add into the packing. These small notes are to appreciate the customer for their purchase and can make a better impression on them.

Remember that good packaging can ensure safety of the product and can make the product more appealing.