Fashion is always evolving. After a few years, the clothes that are trendy today would already be outdated and you need to update your wardrobe again to stay in style. It would such be a waste to put all those nice clothes in storage waiting for its time to come again.

It’s great to have a few pieces of clothes that are following the current trend. However, you should also have those basic pieces that never go out of style. You can dress up anytime without looking outdated when you have those basic pieces.

Here are some of the basic and timeless pieces you should always have in your wardrobe.

Relaxed Denim Jeans

It is no doubt that sweatpants are really trendy these days. However, denim jeans would always be in no matter how many years will pass. It is a timeless classic and looks great with almost any top – whether it is a simple tee or an elegant blouse. Be sure to have a couple of relaxed denim jeans in your wardrobe as a go-to piece especially on casual days.


Having a pair of trusty leggings makes your wardrobe really versatile. Leggings can be worn in different ways according to the occasion. You could wear it as a workout outfit, as a loungewear at home, or on casual days when you’re out to get groceries or run some errands.

You would even layer it with a dress for a more dressed up look. Plain black leggings are really versatile but it would also be fun to own printed ones to create a unique style. If you’re looking for quality and stylish patterned leggingsAustralia has some good shops you could check out.

Tank Top

Although a plain shirt can be worn with almost anything, you could level up your layering by choosing a versatile base layer. A tank top is one of the perfect pieces as a base layer. You could wear it with a jacket, cardigan, or even just plain as it is. Tank tops come in different styles and cuts; you could definitely find the one that suits your style.

Tailored Blazer

Having even just one tailored blazer in your wardrobe can pull out a lot of outfit ensemble especially if you’re looking for something to transform your outfit into a more formal look. You could do a lot with a blazer – from creating a dinner look to having an additional layer when the weather is cold, and so much more.

Leather Staples

Almost every clothing style has a leather counterpart – from blazers, jackets, leggings, and many more. You could use leather clothing pieces to level up your style and create it as a cool accent piece for your outfit. Choose only one leather staple in your overall outfit to avoid an overdone look.

Those are just some of the few wardrobe must-haves that never go out in style. With those pieces, you can surely have a versatile wardrobe that would last for years to come.