Freedom is the most loved word by everybody. If you are to browse what free means, it is described as a state of not being controlled by anything, anybody. It is a state where you can act according to your desire. When you are free, you are boundless; you are unstoppable. The same thing with managing your finances. Your hands are free — from debts and other money problems. Judging the trend of today’s people, everyone wants to be in the spotlight by displaying their purchasing power. Let’s say there’s a brand new phone model that released by XYZ, even if the cost is beyond a month’s salary, people will still buy it. Also if they will not have money on the coming days, they will shake off the idea as long as they have a new phone.

But in reality, what prevents you from becoming financially abundant and independent?

Your Mindset

If you are born poor, it’s not your fault. However, if you die poor, it’s your mortal sin. Why? That is because you always have the choice on what you will do with your life. Your parents will provide you with the necessary things for you to succeed in life and it depends on you on how are you going to use it. The problem of most people nowadays is that they don’t want to take a risk and go out of their comfort zones. They became complacent of what they already have and did not think of other possibilities of maximizing their capabilities to get what they deserve. However, if you know how to value your money, you would probably invest it in Australian currency trading companies and might be earning a lot now.

How You Manage Your Money

The reason why people sometimes are short of money no matter how big their income, is that they don’t know how to handle it properly. As long as there’s money to splurge, they will buy anything they want, even if they don’t need it. The sad part of impulsive buying is that you waste money on things you will never use. To manage your money well, you have to be aware of your needs and wants. Purchasing items on sale when you don’t need it doesn’t mean you were able to save money — you just wasted money for an expensive thing.

You Never Invest In Anything

Most of the people are blinded with immediate short-term pleasure. It is one of the reasons why you don’t want to invest – you want quick results. When you invest your time and resources to something, for instance, in forex exchange trading, it doesn’t mean you will get rich overnight. It takes a lot of patience, research and courage to earn from your investment.

When it comes to investing it does not mean that you should start big. Great things usually come from small step-by-step and disciplined beginnings. Never believe an overnight success because it will never happen; unless otherwise, you won the jackpot price in a lottery.