Most people don’t make an attempt to keep the environment clean because they feel that their actions alone won’t make a difference to change the environment. This is wrong, everyone’s action does account. So just because your neighbours don’t make an attempt to reduce the usage of plastic doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t either. People could actually see you as an example and change their actions too. Here is your ultimate guide to keeping the environment clean:

Transport Makes a Huge Impact

Many people don’t know this but the transport choice does make a huge impact on the environment. Today everyone can afford their own vehicles, as a result number of people travelling in public transports such as buses and trains has reduced. This has led to traffic congestion in countries like Malaysia. It also contributes to air and noise pollution. So transport does make a huge difference. It would be unreasonable to ask people to stop using cars because that isn’t going to happen. What they could do is switch to more economic friendly cars that is go for hybrid cars that work on battery. They could also try carpooling as this is something leading apps such as uber encourage.

Government Help Is Crucial

Government plays a huge role when it comes to cleaning the country. They could impose fines on people who pollute the country as a result citizens would make sure that they dump their waste on bins and not on roads. This was practiced in countries like Dubai and was highly effective. Moreover, in order to reduce air pollution and traffic congestion government could impose heavy taxes on the vehicles, this will make it expensive and more people would choose to travel in public transport instead of buying their own vehicle. Most governments also increase the petrol rate, this will encourage people to go for carpooling instead. Governments have also made use of skip bin hire at Narre Warren to remove the rubbish. Apart from this government should have bins in every street and also make sure that the cleaners do their job properly. They could also invest in technology that makes cleaning easier and thus helps to keep the environment clean. Every country has large MNCs that bring a lot of revenue to them but also damage the environment. In order to minimize the damage, the government could impose heavy fines on them or ask them to clean up the damage they have done.

Make Everyone Aware

Most of the people continue using things like plastic because they are unaware of the damage it does to the environment. This is why the government needs to make consumers more aware of the damage it does to the country and to the planet in general. They could come up with new campaigns which will educate people about it. Firms that sell plastic items should be charged higher corporate tax, this will be passed onto consumers in form of higher prices and thereby consumers will demand less for expensive goods. Lastly, they could encourage consumers to recycle by building recycling plants.