When people talk about work, there is a notion that it is not fun. Otherwise, it will not be called ‘work’ if it’s fun. In fact, another notion exists. If you are having fun at work, some people will think that you are not doing your work – you are just slacking off and waiting for your pay day. However, research studies show that fun work environment helps employees manage their stress level, strengthens camaraderie, increases long-term productivity, improves employee satisfaction, and reduces employee turnover. As much as possible, fun activities should be conducted on a regular basis to prevent any burnout syndrome among employees. Below is the list of ways on how to have some fun at work:


For a team to continuously uphold cooperation and camaraderie, it is important to maintain the quality of their internal relations. Whenever your team achieves success – regardless of how small or grand it is – you should celebrate it together. The celebration does not have to be grand. It can be a simple dinner in a restaurant after work. It can also be a karaoke night on a random Friday night or a staycation in Geelong conference centre accommodation. Think of this celebration as a gratitude and reward party for yourself and your team members for all the hard work that you put into your jobs. In the next projects, do not hesitate to celebrate. After all, success is a success, regardless of its magnitude.


Apart from team dinner and night-outs, teambuilding is another common team activity. Usually, organizations conduct company-wide and team-specific teambuilding on an annual basis. It is commonly conducted during the summer season so employees can join in the team games. However, some companies do not employ this kind of practice. If your company is one of them, you should arrange one for your team. Again, it does not have to be grand. Depending on your preference, it can be a one-day affair or an overnight activity. Take your team to a beach resort, a mountain, or anywhere isolated. Prepare some games that you and your employees can play together. It can be physical games such as tug-of-war or mind games such as charades. 


You have achieved greater heights with your team and one of the best ways to gratify hard work is through recognition. Awards come in different forms – it can be in the form of plaques, certificate, or sometimes, cash. Depending on your company’s preference, you can choose one which you think is more appropriate for your employee. Through this, your employees would feel motivated and appreciated. In fact, studies show that one reason for employee turnover is the company’s non-appreciation of their work, as companies commonly put emphasis on the end-results. Although such is undeniably important, it is crucial for companies to look beyond the bottom line, and to appreciate the effort of its people.  

Employees are the best assets of any business – this adage always holds true. Make everyone feel alive and recharged by having fun at work. Through this, your employees will not have to fear the looming Monday and merrily report to work.