If you’ve been assigned to organize a corporate event at your company you’ve probably found yourself here because you know this is not something you can just haphazardly put together and you would be right about that. A corporate event takes just as much as precision and planning as say a wedding. There are several things to take care of and the reputation of your company may even depend on how you deliver the event to the guests. The following are a few tips to help you through this task.


The venue will be the most important part of the event. Depending on what kind of event it is and how many guests you’re planning to host, you may need several rooms for lectures and workshops and enough seating space to fit in everyone. It’s advisable to check with the budget you’ve been allotted for this before you make any big decisions and secure a venue. You’ll also want to personally visit the place and check if it comes with the right environment for the event you’re planning to hold. If you’re too busy with your daily workload there are places like corporate function venues Melbourne that you can find with a simple click of your mouse.


Once you’ve sorted out the venue you need to figure out the itinerary for the event. This may include lectures, workshops, speeches and other various activities to be held. Make sure you include an intermission for the guests to take a break, stretch their legs and have some refreshments. The timing of these events is very important and it’s a well-known factor that there can be delays caused due to technical difficulties or speakers taking longer than anticipated for their speeches. Be ready for anything and give a wide berth to the time of each event to compensate for unanticipated disturbances.

Keynote Speaker

Every event usually has a keynote speaker who delivers a speech on the central theme of the event. This can be an authority figure in your company or a recognized individual in the industry. It’s up to you. You can make the selection based on who will be the most appropriate person to present the guests with the essence of what you’re trying to convey through the event. If this is someone you’re going to have to make a prior appointment with in order to invite to the event make sure you ask them in advance so they can reserve the date. Also make sure to have a backup speaker in case the main speaker in unable to attend due to an emergency.


Having sponsors fund your event is a common thing among a lot of corporate events. Make a list of the sponsors you’d like to have at your event and as with the keynote speaker make sure you get in touch with them and give them more than enough notice to be ready for the event lest they say no and turn down a sponsorship. Discuss with them what they’ll receive in return for the funding and have it cleared with your company before giving the go ahead.


As mentioned above, when you include an intermission it’s typically spent with guests receiving some sort of refreshments. This may differ according to your budget but make sure you ready at least some form of light refreshments for your event so your guests can return to the second half of it with revitalized attention and interest.