Ultra violet radiation from the sun can be pretty harmful on us. But the worst of it is, constant exposure to these harmful rays and sun damage through years can be a cause for skin cancer. This is why it is important to be careful and prepared when you are going out in the sun. Here are five easy ways to avoid skin cancer.

Limit Your Time in the Sun

Try to avoid the sun as much as possible when you are outside. Especially between 10am to 4pm because it is during this time the UV rays are the harshest. Going out during these times mean your skin is more likely to be damaged than going out in the evening or before 10am. When you are out during the day, try to stay in shade.

Cover Up

While avoiding sunlight from 210 in the morning to 2 in the afternoon can help you with preventing any skin damage from the sun, it is also really hard to do this. You might have several errands to run during the day which will require you to go out. This is why it is necessary to cover up whenever you have to go out. Especially wide brimmed hats and sunglasses are great accessories that can save you from radiation.

Use a sunscreen

When going out, always use a sunscreen. When you are purchasing a sunscreen for yourself, make sure it has the SPF value above fifteen. However, in case you are going to be outside for a whole day or for the major part of the day, you will need a sunscreen that has the SPF of thirty or higher than thirty. It is also better to use a sunscreen that water resistant for extended outdoor work.

Keep Your Sunscreen with You

Just like you might have an emergency portable make-up kit or emergency first aid with you when you travel, make sure you also have your sunscreen with you. This is because applying your sunscreen once a day may not be able to save you from the sun. Especially if you are swimming or do an activity that makes you sweat a lot, you will have the reapply immediately after the activity.

Examine Your Skin

Examining your skin for any sun damages might help you to identify if there are any harmful effects on your skin. Especially if you have any unusual colouring of skin or an abnormal growth, it is high time to make a visit to your doctor for a checkout. Even if your skin looks fine, if you still want to get a skin check-up, you can make an appointment at a skin cancer clinic Sydney and get your skin checked for any ailments.

It is always better to avoid anything harmful than trying to find the cure later. This is why it is important to follow the above precautionary methods. It is also important to get your skin checked up once in a while because the sooner a skin cancer is identifies, the better.