If you are interested in drums or someone who already use drums, you may already have a considerable amount of knowledge about the various types of drums around the world. There are certain types of drums that make up a drum kit. So here is a brief explanation about each type of such drum kits for your knowledge.

Drum Sets

Drum sets can be found in many varieties and the following are some of them. Acoustic drum sets are normally comprised of different types of drums like bass drum, snare drum and tom-toms with hit-hats and crash rides. These drums come in different sizes and configurations.

Jazz drum set consists of a bass drum, snare drum, rack tom and a floor tom along with a ride cymbal and pair of hi-hats. Jazz drums have a higher pitch and designed tone is bright and resonant.

Fusion drums are in between a standard rock and roll set and a smaller jazz set. The bass drum is considerably larger in fusion drum sets.

Virtual and electronic drum kits possess a huge variety of sonic options. These drums are capable of working with apps or software.

Frame Drums

Frame drums have the drumhead width which is greater than its depth. Such drumhead is stretched over the shell which is normally made of wood like oak, rosewood, etc. Some types of frame drums have mechanical tuning options.

Tambourines come with or without heads and may or may not be tuneable with single or double rows of jingles. Pandeiro is a Brazilian single drum made of goat or plastic skin with a shallow and large cylindrical shell. Bodhran and goblet drums are also popular frame drums.

Hand Drums

Some of the famous hand drums are congas, bongos and table. Bongo drums have an Afro-Cuban origin which is a pair of small and single headed drums of the same height. You can choose a bongo drum set from the two types as “macho” which is the small drum and “hembra” which is the larger version.

Congas are tall and come in groups of two or three. These drums are from Cuba and you can find these drums in three sizes as small (quinto), medium (conda/tres), and large (tumba). Tabla is two small drums played with heels of the hands. The smaller drum is used to create treble and tonal sounds while larger drum is to produce bass sounds.

African Drums

Udu drum is one of the popular African drums made of clay in the shape of a water pot. It has two holes; one on the top and other on one side. Different sounds can be created by tapping or palming these holes.

One of the most popular drums in the West Africa is the Djembe which is commonly made of goatskin head or synthetic heads with a hardwood shell. Another famous drum is the Talking drum which is an hourglass-shaped West African drum and its pitch can be controlled to mimic the tone of human dialogue.

These are just some of the most popular drums from all over the world. If you are interested in exploring the world of drums, there are many other varieties of drums you can look into.