Being a fashionista is not an easy job. You have to make sure that all your wardrobe choices are amazing, as you have certain expectations to fulfil. You must make sure that you also look different every other day to ensure that your looks are not monotonous. If you want to have killer looks for your school or workplace, then it is important for you to have a variety of clothing in your wardrobe. In this case, you need to take a look at the following types as they are essential for the wardrobe of a fashionista.


No, they are not out of style. Actually, clothes from the past are actually so ‘happening’ right now. So, you must make sure that the clothes you pick look of some relevance to the retro style. Of course, if you want to wear something that resembles the 80’s or 90’s, that’s fine too. But keep in mind that your whole ensemble doesn’t have to look this way. Wearing a particularly retro earring, headband or scarf is enough to do the trick.


You have no idea how much people adore ethical items these days. As you may already know, we live in a period of environmental decay. So, it is our duty to ensure that we do not cause any damage to our nature intentionally or unintentionally. You need not worry as these items are pleasing on the eye too. For example, if you wear ethical silk clothing, you can be sure that you will look stunning and that your skin will feel super soft too. Moreover, people will definitely appreciate the fact that you are trying to minimize environmental damage. So, this is something new and different that you can try out.

The Dress

It doesn’t matter whether you are into dresses or not, everyone should have ‘The Dress’ in their wardrobe. They must be able to use it whenever they want cause the opportunity might present itself randomly when you least expect it. This dress is something that will definitely be perceived as breathtaking and therefore must looking stunning on you. So, make sure to buy such a dress if you ever come across it when you are shopping. Even though you might not have any immediately use for it, it will definitely be of use to you in the future.

Comfy Clothes

While it is important to dress up for others, you also must make sure that you dress up for yourself. So, it is absolutely essential for you to have some comfortable clothing in your wardrobe so that you can wear them whenever you want. The thing is, these can change from one person to another. For instance, if you find baggy t-shirts to be comfortable, another person might find pyjamas to be comfy. So, instead of going for the norm, pick what makes you feel good and comfortable. Or else, there is no point in buying them at all.

While you might prefer to invest your savings in jeans, coats and t-shirts that are essential, remember that these are important for your wardrobe too.