As a franchisee, you expect your franchise to rake in tons of money especially if it’s a successful and business company. But there are other factors that might make this venture fail and go bankrupt even if your franchise from the number one fast food chain or retail store in the world. One of those factors is location.

If you choose to put up your business in an out of the way location, it might be difficult for you to attract customers and to earn their loyalty if your business is not accessible. Another factor is obscurity. If your target market does not know you exist, how could they patronize you?

When it comes to obscurity, one of the solutions is effective franchise signages.

Attention grabbing signage

Franchisors often deal with all the aspects of the franchise before handing over the reins to a franchisee. This includes signages so the franchisee would not have a difficult time when it comes to effective signages. Brand recall is also present since the signage and the colour is already recognizable. But as a franchisee, there are still things you could do to make sure the signages are attention-grabbing.

Check if there are any blockages that are hiding your national franchise signage from the people’s view. If your store is in front of a busy street, make sure that the signages are strategically placed where they would not be hidden by tall buildings, stoplights, lamp posts or high trees. Make sure also that they are not clashing with other signages nearby. The signages from near establishments might be too bright that they attract the attention more from your own signage and store.

High quality signages

Your signages must not only be attention grabbing, they also have to be of high quality. You would not want your potential clients to see your signages or become interested in your shop because of the signages but when they come closer, they would see that the signages are decrepit or falling apart.

They would have the notion then that your brand, your company and your product or services are not of high quality since you could not even take care of your own signage. They would lose interest and would gladly head over to your competitor. You have to remember that more people are easily enticed by visual presence so you have to make sure that the first thing they see with regards to your brand (aka your signage) is of high quality.

Varied signages

It is possible for one company to have various logos or brands. There are brands where they have signages where they use the whole name of the company, or just the initials or at times just the logo and people already know that the brand is. If you franchise from one of these companies take advantage of the varied signages, that way your clients would not tire looking at the same signage over and over again.

Before you get all excited and start putting your business’ signage, make sure though that you are adhering to the rules and regulations set by the franchisor and your municipality and local authority with regards to the signages.