Just because there are a multitude of auto-mod options out there, doesn’t mean that all of them are going to do good to your vehicle. As a smart car owner, you must carefully study about any and every enhancement you think of giving your car and we are here to help you with just that. Based on expert’s confirmation, we have listed 5 proven mods that works on almost any vehicle to give its driver the best driving experience money can buy.

Upgrade the Turbos

A proper turbo upgrade is sure to boost not just the horsepower of a vehicle, but the overall performance of the machine. Although a turbocharger upgrade will cost you a small fortune, the results will be truly impressive, as it will give your engine the ability to produce a lot more power than it can by itself. While upgrading an existing turbo is relatively easy and cheaper, a full-on conversion will set you back a considerable amount. Before you buy aeroflow turbos, do a lot of research to find the best place to buy genuine products that will give your ride the improvement you desire.

Major Engine Upgrades

Most individuals do not consider going for major engine enhancements because this requires the engine to be stripped down completely before it can be rebuilt again. However, an effective enhancement of this kind will really improve the reliability of the heart of your vehicle, while also allowing you to exploit more RPMs with ease! These modifications are a must if you constantly push the power of the machine beyond 50% of the standard level.

Transmission Mods

The power from your new and improved engine must travel through the transmission before getting to the wheels and this is why you must do the needful to boost your transmission to its best possible way shape. It is always a good idea to go with a straight cut (dog box) so as to avoid the unnecessary noise and friction caused by notchy and loud gear change. Further, going with different ratios will surely improve your chances of achieving higher acceleration.

Handling Mods

There is a common misconception among drivers that lower, harder rides are the only thing that good for handling, because proper updating of the suspension and aligning it properly can benefit a range of vehicle models of varying shapes and sizes. Having a lower COG (centre of gravity) will make it easier to take corners smoothly, without losing balance.

However, if the vehicle is too low, there won’t be enough room for the suspension to do it jobs properly. The suspensions will become stiffer and as a result, instead of flexibly gripping over the different road surfaces, the wheels will skip over them, making every ride an unnecessarily bumpy one.

Brake Boosts

Not many vehicle owners realize the importance of having a proper set of brakes for the wheels. Bringing your car to a stop when and where required is equally important as driving at the speed you desire and a bigger, high quality set of brake docs will dissipate heat more efficiently when you step on the peddle and will remain the same for a long time before the brake fading kicks in due to heat sustained over the years.