We all love a lush green backyard or garden, but not all of us have the time or energy to maintain it as well as we would like to. While we tackle work, studies, a social life, a family and more sometimes gardening or maintaining our backyard gets overlooked.

Try out these tips and tricks that will help you maintain your backyard or garden without you having to put in too much time and effort into it on a daily basis.

#1 The Most Important And Tedious Job: Watering

Plants need to be watered, not just everyday but everyday at the same time, in the same amounts of water and in the same way. Sometimes we barely remember to drink water ourselves, let alone remembering to water the plants in the backyard.

  • Try and get a water pump for sale and automate the watering process. Set the time, water pressure, amount of water, swing, splash and swivel once every season and don’t worry about watering your plants manually anymore.
  • If you don’t have any source of water in the backyard to attach a pump to, always remember that the ground itself is a source of water. Try using a submersible water pump, that sucks water from within the ground and recycles it back onto your plants so you never fall short of water supply.
  • If you’re afraid of using electric equipments to water plants because you’re scared of a short circuit, worry less with a solar powered water bore pump. These too are submersible in the ground, with just a solar receiver above ground. They are safe, affordable and compact.

Change watering plants from being the most tedious task, to being a task you don’t have to bother with at all.


2 Feed The Plants Just The Right Amount: Fertilising

Overfeeding plants can make them keep wanting more which means constant refertislising, occupying a lot of time and effort. Experts say to fertilise plants roughly once a season only, and if that’s too much too – just 2 times a year for your convenience: once in spring and once in autumn. This way, the plants get trained at using only the required amount of fertiliser as opposed to being overfed and demanding.

3 The Need For Fresh Air: Aerating Your Plants

Plants just like humans need fresh air, just because they are outdoors doesn’t mean they get the required fresh air automatically. The soil obstructs fresh air from reaching the roots which would also result is plant decay. Poking holes across your backyard so air seeps through the soil every now and then can be rather time consuming. Put on a pair of spikes (sports shoes) yourself and walk around, have your kids wear them and run around or let your pet dog pounce around in the backyard for 5-10 minutes. The soil gets refurbished and the roots get the air they need, while you have to put in almost no effort.


There you have it. Your plants get the right amount of water, food and air they need to flourish without you having to constantly attend to them. Strike out one permanent job from your to-do lists with these easy gardening hacks.