It is every employee’s goal to be at the top of what he/she does. It is quite an achievement and an honor to be called a “Grade A” Employee. But given that ideal, not all are fully aware of the incremental steps to reach this goal. So to give all of those aspiring individuals a head start, here are five actions to take to be a forerunner in your job.

Don’t Stop At Knowing

One mistake an employee makes is keeping a mindset that says you’ve already learned what you need. That is very wrong. Don’t stop at knowing. Have the tenacity to learn more! A true top of the line employee doesn’t settle for what he/she already knows. Everything is always a never-ending learning process. So, to stay ahead, you have to know beyond what you already do. A little extra knowledge can really go a long way.

Serve Solutions To The Table, NOT Problems

An Employee is like a Chef. To keep up a good reputation and make sure that the demand for his/her work will continue to grow, he/she must be consistent in delivering the best dishes. In the corporate world, the best dishes are those that bring answers to the complexities of business problems. Nobody likes to be given problems, especially people in the high ranks. So instead of being a bringer of bad news, have a consistent fresh serving of solutions to the corporate table. That’s the way to be on the top.

Jog The Extra Mile

Initiative. That is always the driving factor when it comes to business success and excellence. And walking the extra mile just doesn’t cut it. But also noting that running poses being a bit too overboard. So, the best way to go is to jog the extra mile – the perfect combination, the mid-range. Jogging the extra mile poses a balance in being a forerunner while not being too much of a stuck-up over achiever.

Have An Extra Name For Yourself

There are a variety of ways to assess people’s capabilities. One is through what they can do. And there’s also one where it’s through what a piece of paper says. Employees with an extra name for themselves, or specifically with additional certifications, are a cut above the rest. So, get certified! Attend seminars, training and certifications, like agile fundamentals, when these opportunities present themselves. These activities may take part in your precious free time but with the assurance of better work performance, it is totally worth it.

Don’t Be The Stuck-Up Workaholic

With the demands of being a forerunner, one sometimes forgets to enjoy the journey along the way. Because of the heated goal of being at the top, most become stuck up workaholics who just don’t know how to have fun or even take a light joke. While on the process of excellence, do not ever forego the importance of a proper work-life balance. Go out. Drink with friends. Talk with colleagues. Enjoy the process.