We all have curtains or blinds in our homes and offices. But these fabrics get exposed to a lot of contaminants and dirt over a period of time. There are professional drapery cleaners who can ensure that your curtains are restored to their former beauty by carrying out delicate cleaning procedures. They will use professional products such as special chemicals that have been formulated for different types of fabric and equipment that specialises in removing hard to get rid of stains.

Some homeowners do regular cleaning for their draperies such as dusting, vacuuming or giving the draperies a good wash. But many wait for too long between cleaning sessions which contribute to more dirt and allergens accumulating in the curtains. Washing the entire curtain is not a common cleaning procedure that people do as it can be quite cumbersome. Dusting and vacuuming are good at routine maintenance as they will ensure that there are fewer allergens in the drapes. However, these techniques are not successful when it comes to taking care of dirt that is deeply embedded into the curtain. Dusting will only take care of the dirt that is on the surface. If you’re not aware of the cleaning procedure for a certain type of fabric, you can do more harm than good as the fabric can shrink or the colour may start to fade. Best cleaning Sydney will let you know exactly what treatment your fabric requires.

As time goes on, the pollutants and dust can penetrate the inner fibres of the curtain and only professional cleaning will be able to do a thorough job. This is simply because we don’t have the right chemicals, equipment and expertise that come with cleaning a multitude of different fabrics exposed to a variety of contaminants. When the curtains are not properly cleaned, they can affect our health and cause allergies and respiratory infections. You will have access to a variety of cleaning materials and procedures when you employ professional cleaners. They use different techniques such as dry cleaning, steaming and carbonating. They will evaluate the material of the curtain and proceed with a suitable technique that doesn’t damage the fabric.

A professional cleaner will know how to get rid of the toughest stains and how to preserve the original vibrancy of the curtain colour. When it comes to curtains that are made of velvet or thicker materials, it can be quite hard to wash them. They will take a long time to dry and this can cause the growth of mould or mildew. Therefore, dry cleaning is carried out in such instances. They use a solvent other than water which is later recovered. This prevents the growth of mould. When cleaning curtains on site, steaming is used. This is a little similar to vacuuming. You can keep the curtain in the rack itself without going through the hassle of taking it down. A steam cleaner comes with a water tank, hose and a heating element. The water is boiled by the heating element and is therefore converted to steam which is conveyed to the curtain through the hose. This helps to release the dirt and allergens trapped within the fabric.