Everyone likes to have a beautiful house. Renovating the house can seem very expensive but there are ways you can renovate the house without spending too much. Although massive changes can’t be made slight changes can that will show the house in a new light.


Since you are looking to renovate the house without spending too much you have to first come up with the amount that you are willing to spend. Consider the changes you want to make, estimate them appropriately and write the budget.

Look at each part

Start off with a plan, instead of looking at the place as a whole divide it into parts and renovate it and add changes, by the end of this you would see how much of a change you have brought. Write down a plan for each room, what kind of changes you are going to bring into the bedroom, bathroom, living room and kitchen.


You can freestyle as you want but if you are looking for inspiration its best to look online, read through different articles and look at pictures of decorated and renovated houses and see what kind of details or decorations items they have put up, get an idea from those and add your unique touch when renovating the house.


The look and brightness of the house can be affected by the painting, dark painting can add a dull look to the room, dark painting is most preferred for bedroom which provides a good ambience for sleep, but if you are interested in bright and lighted houses painting the house white makes a lot of difference. It instantly adds a fresh look to the house. And change the lightings, search the market to find lamps or wall lightings, if you search intently you can find cheap ones.

Change up the windows

Adding shutters to windows or in the front can bring out the beauty of the house. Look for plantation blinds Melbourne offers variety of services if you are interested in getting it done. You don’t have to add to every window because that would be expensive.

Revamp the kitchen

Small changes like changing the cabinet handles or changing the faucet can alter the look of the kitchen, another thing you can do is add a lot of plants and insert more shelf in the kitchen or bring in more cabinets, you can use the thrift shop to purchase stuff for a low price

Bathroom remodelling

Here also you can make small changes to change the look of your bathroom like changing the shower curtains to another one, changing the mirror in the bathroom or changing the paint, replacing the old shower head with a new one.


Renovating the floor can be expensive if you are on a budget, to make your flooring beautiful you can place rugs or carpets or change everything else based on the flooring.

Making small room big

A trick to making small room big is adding mirrors, the reflection gives the room a bigger dimension.