A successful website is defined by a lot of factors: more traffic, positive user experience, increased sales, and many more. One of these factors is the search engine ranking. If you have a company website, you’d always want it to be on the first page of search engine results, particularly Google. This is because most people who search online don’t get past the first page. If your website is on the second page of the results, it will have lesser visibility compared to when it is on the first page.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process that aims to boost your website visibility on the search results. There are a variety of factors that affect search engine ranking. Read along and help make your site rank better.

Great Content

First of all, your site needs to have more quality content than spammy ones. Algorithms today are better and smarter than before. They can now detect content that is well made from junk content stuffed with keywords and links. Optimizing content requires a lot of steps and you will need to contact a company that offers SEO services. It is an important ingredient in bringing in more traffic to your site and boost its performance.

User Experience

Aside from quality content, the user experience also affects your site ranking. If many visitors have a positive experience upon browsing through your website, most likely they will stay longer and eventually find the product or anything that they are looking for. Your site performance is affected by a lot of factors such as page speed, mobile compatibility, and lesser redirects. Try to access your site from the visitor’s perspective and rate your experience using it. If you’re not satisfied, there are some Google tools you can use to diagnose the issue.

Link Building

Simply put, link building works by allowing reputable sites to link back to your site. The more link backs you get, the better your ranking gets in the search engine results. Proper link building needs a lot of effort and the results may take some time but when you’ve already established it, you can cultivate your company’s online reputation.


Meta information is a part of on-site SEO and is a crucial part of optimizing your website. It consists of different factors such as web titles and meta descriptions. Search engines have web crawlers that go through the content of different websites, indexing the information that they could get into the right categories. When your meta information is well created, it will be easier for web crawlers to index your content and make it ready to be placed on search results.

Make Use of Local SEO

One of the easiest ways to reach more people near you is by making use of local SEO. By adding and verifying your company with Google, you can already bump your site to show on local search results.

Knowing these factors, you already know which part of your SEO strategy needs more focus to make it better.