Sheet metal is basically metal that is formed into sheets creating a very versatile material for the use of many industries. They are used extensively in both large scale and small scale projects. You can use them for home renovations or use them for a large building construction project.


One of the main reasons why sheet metal is used in construction is its versatility. Because of its lightweight property, it can be easily transported over distances and its strength ensures the longevity of the material. You can create a multitude of shapes and forms from sheet metal as it can be cut, bent and punched into any design. Therefore, sheet metal has become quite a favourite when it comes to architectural applications. There are so many ways in which it can be used in a design whether it is for cladding, fencing, staircases, partitions, support beams etc. It is an aesthetically versatile material as you can create a very elegant and modern appearance by its use. You can further learn about different applications of sheet metals in KNS metals find more.


Metals have incredible strength so you will be assured of the durability of your product. When it comes to other materials such as timber, treatment of timber becomes a priority as there can be many pests that damage it and weaken the overall strength of the structure. But when it comes to sheet metal, you don’t need to worry about pests as there will be no weakness in the product that the pest can take advantage of. Sheet metal will also hold up against high temperatures and extreme environments. It is a good deterrent to fire. Because of this fire resistant property, you will be able to minimize the fire damage and the resulting maintenance cost. Another factor that threatens the integrity of a structure is moisture. Metal is more resistant to moisture than timber which makes it an excellent choice for construction in high humidity areas. There are processes that can increase the corrosion resistance of the sheet metal which can be selected depending on the application.


You can be in line with eco-friendly practices with the use of sheet metal. There is a large portion of recyclable material in metal and you can reuse it many times which will cut down the need for new material sourcing. While the production of steel will expend a lot of energy, there are technological advancements that contribute to innovations in steel manufacturing processes that minimise the negative impact on the environment.

Low Maintenance

Metal does not need extensive maintenance therefore, it is much preferred in the construction industry. There are metal roofs and sidings that last up to sixty years before requiring replacement. If there is a need to repair the material, this can be done easily due to the malleability of the metal. It is a very convenient material to work with. And as it is resistant to different weather conditions, be it rain, wind, snow or scorching heat, you will not need to incur high costs for maintenance and repair.