Standing while in the workplace is a very common approach these days. Many employers use this technique to encourage a healthier lifestyle for their employees. Instead of sitting in their desks the whole day, they get to do their daily tasks while moving around and standing because of modern workspace layouts.

However, standing for long hours can also cause discomfort to the feet, neck and shoulders. It could even cause more stress especially when the employee has to stand in one place for hours. To avoid the physical strain caused by standing for a long time, anti-fatigue mats help a lot.

Anti-Fatigue Mat

An anti-fatigue mat is placed directly on the floor of your work space. They are designed to reduce stress and strain caused by prolonged standing which is really helpful for workers who need to do their daily task while standing. The lesser fatigued workers feel, the more productive they are all throughout the day. Anti fatigue floor mats are definitely a great investment to add on your employees working spaces. Here are some of the benefits your workers could experience when using an anti-fatigue mat.

Saves Company Resources

One great benefit of anti-fatigue mats is the savings your company could enjoy. Since this type of mat help improve employee well-being and reduce accidents, there is less occurrence of absent and sick workers which in turn lowers your expenses for paid leave and treatment during accidents. These little details help a lot in boosting your company’s overall performance and productivity.

Boosts Employee Well-Being

Standing on plain floor for a long time causes so much strain on a person’s feet, legs, neck, back, and shoulders unnoticeably. It is actually one of the main causes why workers get tired easily especially when they are doing their work while standing for a long time. With anti-fatigue mats, it lowers the strain and fatigue caused by standing for almost 50%. This helps workers maintain their energy and productivity all throughout the day in the workplace.

Lowers Risk of Accidents

Another great thing about anti-fatigue mats is they help lower the occurrence of accidents in the workplace, particularly tripping or slipping. These mats have non-slip textured surfaces which give the feet better traction on the floor while employees move around doing their work. Regular floor mats have a tendency to slip under your feet especially on shiny and polished floor surfaces making anti-fatigue mats a better option.

Boost Productivity

Lastly, anti-fatigue mats help boost employees’ productivity and improve the overall performance of the company. With a boost in employee well-being, you’ll notice that there is also a boost in their daily productivity. There is also lesser sick days for them, giving them more days to do their work than staying at home. With more focused and passionate workers, you can be sure that your company is propelled to move forward.

With these benefits you could get, it seems like anti-fatigue mats are really a necessity in the workplace rather than just an optional add on. Invest in quality pieces and see the difference.