In the market today, there is strong competition between oil-based and water-based surface applicants. Many people are moving towards water-based applicants as they are deemed to be safer and more environmentally-friendly. However there are very specific application needs that you should know about if you are to choose the best applicant for you. Here are some of the methods in which you can determine this factor.

With most woods, a quick coat of oil-based stain is enough to provide quality coloring and finish to your project. With pine, this is not the case. A quick application of stain will present you with ...

Think About Where You Need To Use It

Oil-based surface applicants are used by some of the best Brisbane painting services for cabinets, interior and exterior trimmings and bathrooms with high moisture levels. They are also used in places wherea high gloss or a semi-glossy look is required.

Now Get the Tools That You Need

The majority of home owners will always go with a brush that will provide them with the classic finish. For oil-based surface applications you will need to use a brush that has really high-quality China bristles. If not you can also buy a synthetic brush but they will need to have the compatibility to be used with the said applicant. You will also need to have a smaller can in hand because you cannot be holding up the original container that the surface applicant came in; it will be too heavy and there is also the risk of contaminating it with bristle and hair. You will also need some turpentine or thinner on hand in order to get rid of any smears and drips that could occur while you apply the surface applicants.

Purchase the Applicants

There are many stores that will sell oil-based surface applicants. However many of the big home centre stores these days might not be selling it too much because of the fact that the oil-based applicants are not really in high demand with the DIY consumer markets. Do a bit of research and see where you can get your hands on some good-quality oil-based applicants. If you have employed the services of professionals they will be able to get this for you.

Interior or exterior, marine quality, oil based, ultra high-gloss enamel. Surfaces: Wood, plaster, wallboard, plastic and all metals. Applications: Windows

What Is The Process Like?

The application of course, for the oil-based applicants is much the same as for water-based ones. The biggest difference is that the former can take up to twenty-four hours to dry up and will have the need for a lot of ventilation. You will first need to apply a primer and then, in most cases, two coats will be applied on top of the primer. The primer that you choose does not necessarily need to be oil-based, it can be water-based as well. If you really need to get that perfectly smooth finish make sure that before you apply the final coating, you use a sanding sponge or a paper and sand down the grit and uneven areas. Then wipe the entire surface with a clean piece of cloth and also with a tack rag. This will ensure that the finish you get is a smooth and flawless one.