If you feel like your relationship with your partner is bordering on “old married couple, sitting on rocking chairs together” territory, it’s now time to spice things up. To start things small so as not to overwhelm you or your partner surprised, why not ask or offer an erotic massage?

In the event the words “erotic massage” embarrassed you, don’t. Why? Because a lot of relationships have benefitted when partners do something new together, even better when it is erotic.

It Would Help You Relax

One of the main purposes of getting a massage is to help you relax. Now imagine it is being done in the comforts of your home, by someone you trust, love and are comfortable with. Wouldn’t that be doubly relaxing? Some are a bit hesitant to get a massage because they could not relax in the presence of a stranger, especially when they are down to their knickers. So, if this is one of your or your spouse’s concerns that’s why you could not get a couples’ massage, do one another instead (pun intended).

It Would Strengthen Your Bond

There is something intimate with the idea of you running your hands all over your spouse’s body while they are vulnerable and on the brink of sleep. The idea that you could make your partner relaxed and that comfortable would strengthen your bond because it shows how much they trust you. As for you, you’d feel elated that you managed to help with your spouse’s physical and mental health. Studies showed that people who experienced the Best erotic massage in Adelaide are happier and healthier. They are less stressed and are more laidback when it comes to dealing with life’s curveballs.

It Could Lead to Something

Perhaps one of the most enticing benefits of giving your partner an erotic massage is the possibility that it could lead to a steamy racket. It would work both of your sexual appetite with all the touching and kneading. But if you want it to be 100% and foolproof that your erotic massage night would end up in mind blowing sex, use essential oils that are proven to increase libido.

Before you purchase these aphrodisiac essential oils though, make sure that you or your partner are not allergic. Research beforehand or ask the salesperson the proper way to use them (essential oils are not to be used in the genitals) and the correct dosage since most of these oils need to be diluted first before application.

If you are seriously considering making erotic massage night a regular activity for you and your spouse, pull all the stops and make it as a quality time you would both look forward to. Make it on every first or last weekend of the month, so you both would not make any plans on those days. Buy the necessary essential oils. Splurge on scented candles. Download and make a playlist of sensual songs. Do everything to make the activity as pleasurable as possible.