When you start thinking about cabinet hardware, your automatic thought is aesthetics. What looks nice and what complements the colour and make of your cabinet or drawer. But there are numerous types of cabinet hardware that would make all the difference in your kitchen, not just for aesthetics purposes, but also for functionality.

Nowadays there are some kitchen designs that does not involve any cabinet hardware at all. This is also well and good since there are kitchen layouts that work with not having any handles, pulls, knobs, etc. If you are still undecided whether it would be more beneficial for you to install cabinet hardware in your kitchen, the below lists enumerate the importance of having handles to pull your cabinet or drawer open.

Cabinet hardware shows off your preference

Similar to other things in your home, cabinet hardware could also reflect your style and preference. They might seem small or insignificant compared to other household items, but they would still draw attention to how you managed to give importance to the smallest details of your kitchen. Your kitchen’s cabinet handles could also complete the whole look you are aiming for. Choosing black, sleek bar pulls for your white painted cabinet and drawer would give your kitchen a more sophisticated and classier look.

Cabinet hardware protects your cabinets and drawers

Imagine you are knee deep into making salsa when you suddenly need to add more spices to the mixture. But what if your hands are covered in salsa? How are you going to open your cabinet or drawer with those messy hands?

Sure, you could push the corner for it to open if this is the mechanism but then you would end up with a finger or hand print on your cabinet because of the salsa which might stain if you are not able to wipe it immediately. If you have a cabinet hardware installed, you would not have this problem and you could just simply clean the handle or knob later on after you are done with your cooking.

Changing cabinet hardware in the future is an affordable upgrade

Since our kitchen is mostly dominated by cabinets and drawers (and cabinet hardware) just by simply repainting the cabinets and changing the hardware would transform the whole look of your kitchen. If you want to upgrade your kitchen but does not have the financial resources to do so, you could start small by revamping your cabinets and their handles.

Cabinet hardware makes it easy to open

Of course, we should not forget the main purpose of installing cabinet hardware; it makes opening cabinets and drawers easier (which could be a bit of a problem when you have young inquisitive kids who developed a liking to opening your drawers).

In spite of the popularity of contemporary and innovative kitchen designs, cabinet hardware is still well-received and favoured by other homeowners because of the above-mentioned reasons. When you go shopping for cabinet hardware, keep in mind not only how good they look but also how they would make using your kitchen easier.