Modifying and upgrading your vehicle is one of the exciting parts of being a car owner. Instead of settling for the usual performance and look of your car, a lot of people would want to boost their car’s performance and improve its aesthetics. Ford Ranger is just one of the most popular choices when it comes to pickups.

When it comes to quality and performance, you could never go wrong when you choose a Ford Ranger. However, you might want to spruce up things a little bit to make your ride better and more exciting. Whether you want to update an older model or simply want to improve the functionality and performance of your car, here are some of the most popular modifications you could install in your pickup.

Wheels and Tires

Although the stock wheels and tires of your pickup already does a decent job, nothing beats the performance when you install aftermarket ones for your Ford Ranger. They are more durable and tougher than the stock, giving you the freedom to explore through different terrains without worrying about damaging the wheels and tires. Consult an expert to know which set suit your car model perfectly.

Grills and Bull Bar

To protect the front part of your vehicle, you’ll need to install front grills or a bull bar. These two parts work similarly although they look much different from each other. Grills cover the entire front of your car and even extends to the lights, providing more protection. On the other hand, a Ford Ranger bull bar serves as a frame and protects the front part of the vehicle also. It looks thicker and is even stronger, giving more resistance in case of a collision or crash. 

Arch Extensions

Arch extensions are installed on the top of the wheels and tires. The bigger arch extensions your car have, the wider wheels and tires it could accommodate. This is a perfect add on if you want to have more road presence and have a higher car height. There are specific arch kits made for every model so there’s no need for cutting the arch to make it fit perfectly.

Truck Bed Cover

Another essential add on for any pickup is a truck bed cover. Whether you’re using your vehicle for hauling goods or not, having a truck bed cover is generally useful during your travels. You could open it to protect the load bed of your car especially against the forces of nature. It could also keep your cargo safe from theft and other natural factors such as sunlight and rain. A truck bed cover also improves the streamlining of your car, helping increase fuel efficiency.

Under-Body Armour

If you’re off-road a lot, this add-on should be on your essentials list. It protects the delicate parts underneath the vehicle from scrapes, dents, rips, and other damages that could be caused by off-road terrain.

If you’re not sure which add-on suits your vehicle best, you could always ask for expert advice to help you make the best decision for your car.