Running a business of your own is not exactly the most difficult task, and maybe not running a website of your own too. But the real question is, are you willing to sacrifice what you would get if you chose professional assistance instead? Is self-hosting of websites really worth it?

Unless it was for simple joy, and maybe like an online journal, self-hosting of websites is not a terrible idea. But as soon as the purpose of the website is focused on commercial needs or popularity needs, it’s just not worth it to do it on your own. In this read, we’re going to educate you on why exactly it is not.

How well-equipped are you?

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night and looked up for something on a website? If the website was not live at the moment, how will you be able to make that visit? For a website to be consistently up and running, it requires specific and special technical equipment that should be running all the time.

The best machines can be found in the locally operating hosting companies as an example. Now, are you thinking about buying them? You’re more than welcome to check the price and eventually land on much cheaper professional services.

Chances to escalate to business needs or fulfilling existing business needs

Sometimes, blogs focused on popularity can be moving towards a business-oriented model. On an occasion like this, the needed network resources are going to be much higher due to the higher network congestions. If you were continuing to push a business website to run with limited resources, you’re highly likely to get the  503 website page. The most basic idea this error message conveys is the inability of the server to handle the request.

The downside of receiving such error messages is the seed of unreliability of your site being planted inside the mind of the customer. Most likely, you’re not the only service provider of a given product or a service. Hence, a customer won’t be lingering on your website if they’re convinced that the website is dead. If you happened to come across the 503-error message, it’s most likely because of the lack of network resources, and reaching out to a reliable hosting company would fix the matter.

Getting the desired website name/s

Even if you were able to host a website somehow, you’re not going to be able to obtain standardized Australian top-level domains such as,,, and even for overseas branches such as .nz, and such since they all come under registrars. Hence, this is going to take a massive toll on the brand value of your business without a doubt.

Sheer security concerns

This goes without saying; running a business by an unsafe self-hosted website where clients have to insert sensitive information is not going to last since the web browsers of the customers would notify them about the unsafety of the identifier protocol, or the HTTP status. Hence, it’s always better to host with professional service providers steering away from self-hosting misadventures.