One of the biggest players when it comes to implementing environmentally sound policies and practices would be the local government of each city. Without them most likely people would have this sort of ambiguous stance towards these sustainable development practices. 

Though it may become pretty much difficult to initiate these practices to the people the local governance can actually pull it off with creativity and good information drive. Here are some innovative ways that they can initiate these practices to be followed by the citizenry.

Organize Events to Promote Cleanliness

One of the best ways to teach and promote such practices is to inform the people and then follow up with an activity where everyone can participate and afterwards everyone can appreciate their group effort into such activity. Areas in coastlines can organize their own coastal clean-up drive participated by locals and government officials, this way people can feel that they belong to a group effort and become more responsible in caring for the environment.

Place Segregation Trash Bins everywhere

One of the most important moves by the government is to promote such practices by giving people the opportunity to practice it. case in point, there are so many cities which promote information on sustainable development practices in their cities, but these are not followed solely because they did not give the opportunity for the citizens to follow such as scrap metal bins and other segregation techniques in public or inconsistent policy follow through. It is important to offer the opportunity so that everyone can practice and follow religiously what is mandated in terms of garbage treatment.

Promote Community gardens

To offset the pollution that is being produced in an area the government can promote the creation of community gardens. In such case it would be a neighbourhood effort to plan, create, and maintain these gardens. In many cities in South East Asia community gardens has become a thing because it helps neighbours lessen grocery cost when they can harvest spices and vegetables in their community garden. These gardens are also helpful in keeping a well-balanced positive mental health among its people.

Compensate Company Segregation Policies

With cities where company facilities and plants are located, aside from the tax that they are collecting from these companies, they can also compensate certain companies for their sustainable practices in their premises.

This way the corporations will be able to mimic the same principles that is promoted and encouraged outside to be done the same inside the premises of the company. Compensation can be in form of tax cuts, financial incentives, or government service.

It all boils down to creating a culture within the people themselves. The culture of cleanliness and a sense of responsibility to take care of their immediate surroundings, if not for the world because it may seem a little farfetched if we talked about saving mover earth, but it has a different taste when we are telling people about saving our neighbourhood.