The language of flowers is beautiful but not everyone knows it. This can be a little bit of troubling if you are shopping for flowers to give to your partner who you want to admire and express your love to. So, for those of you who want to know how to pick the right blossoms, check out the following tips.

Know Their Personality

A big part of choosing the right flowers include choosing ones that suit them best. For example, what is her/ his favourite colour? If you don’t know the colour exactly, then think what colour they like to use the most. Their outfits, phone cases, bags, nail polish are a big giveaway of their favourite colour. Also, what kind of a persona they are? Romantic? Fun loving? Outgoing or introverted? Knowing these traits will help you to find flowers that match with their personality the best.

What is the Occasion

Depending on the occasion you might have to add some tweaks into your gift. For example, if you are taking someone out to a date, then showing up on their doorstep with a bouquet is actually a romantic idea. But if you want to surprise them at work, this will not always work because of different policies in different work places. In those cases, you can arrange the flowers to be delivered with a message. If you already know what to buy you can even ask a florist that does same day flower delivery Melbourne to deliver the flowers to him or her as a surprise gift.


No matter how dedicated you are to find out about your partner’s personality traits if you don’t know their allergies, gifting them flowers can end up in a disaster. So, when you are doing you ‘background research’ to find them the perfect gift, also try to get to know about what flowers they are allergic to so you can avoid those flowers when buying. If you want to surprise them, just talk to their friends, siblings or parents and you’ll know if there are any allergies.

What is Your Message?

What do you want to say or express when you give them flowers? Congratulations? I love you?  Thank you? I like you? Happy Birthday?Depending on the message, the flowers you have to buy will differ. Even if you are someone who don’t know flower language and symbolism, knowing what you want to say exactly can help the store staff to pick the right flowers for you.

Find Your Florist

Now that you have found out what kind of flowers you should look for, do a little research and find a good florist. There are so many florists you can order flowers from. Check out their reviews. Ask from friends and family for referrals. Once you choose a place, you can visit them and let them know the requirements for your bouquet. Ask them to show you some sample bouquets they have made before if you want to check whether they match the ideal gift you have in mind.

Keep these tips in mind when you look for the right flowers and sweep your partner off their feet!