Car trouble is a natural part of being a vehicle owner. Not only will you need a great mechanic to fix your ride every time there’s a problem, you will need a good shop to take your vehicle for routine maintenance as well. Most mechanics can be costly, slow, or simply inadequate. If you have trouble finding a great auto mechanic, here are several tips that might help:

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Start with Local Directories

Instead of going online to a generic search for a mechanic, start with local directories. Look up the best car service center in Perth or your local area to find the most suitable options nearby. The advantage is that you can rely on local auto mechanics and they are the most likely to offer your decent deals. Some large, franchise auto shops may just end up overcharging you.

Check Licensing

In Australia, individual auto mechanics can obtain certifications from state level to practise their trade. While these licenses are not always necessary to work on a vehicle, having a license indicates that the auto mechanic is well trained and know what they are doing. Therefore, do ask if the mechanic has some form of license that you can rely on.

Compare Prices Online

Most vehicle owners only have some idea about how their ride works. As a result, it’s impossible to know if an auto mechanic is offering a good deal or not. There’s an easier way to find out if the price you are being asked to pay is reasonable. Go to online auto repair websites or forums. Read posts from other users where they listed how much they paid for a particular job. You can go to various auto mechanic websites to look up rates as well. Make comparisons to learn if you are getting ripped off or not. If you don’t do your homework, you are likely to get charged for what the mechanics call “gravy work.” That means getting overcharged for work that require less than an hour.

Ask Friends for Recommendations

Do you have friends or colleagues who have vehicles in the same make or model as yours? If so, ask them where they get their vehicles serviced. You can get good recommendations by asking around from consumers. The advantage here is that the recommendations come from people who have experienced the service firsthand. Unlike marketers, your friends and family have no reason to exaggerate the perks of a particular auto shop. Therefore, recommendations are a great starting point for finding a reliable auto mechanic.

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Find a Mechanic that Specialises in Your Vehicle Model

Not all vehicles are made the same. A mechanic that can repair a jeep may not be ask skilled at fixing an SUV. Therefore, find an auto shop that specialises in your type of vehicle. These shops are also highly likely to have spare parts around if your vehicle needs it. Ordering spare parts specially can be costlier.

Pay careful attention to the above tips. Heed them to find the best auto mechanic for your vehicle. As a rule of thumb, start with a new job at a new auto shop. Find out how the mechanic performs before settling down on one.