Office spaces are ill-famed for looking cheerless, and there is nothing worse than being caught in it for long hours every day. It can severely affect your work performance. That is why, look for ways to boost your office space, especially if you are WFH. Have a dedicated workspace where you can work in peace and quiet. It has to be comfortable, too. Here are some helpful tips on how to boost your office space at home that you can consider doing today.

Have the Right Lighting

According to scientific studies, natural lighting is the best source of light. Therefore, allow it to come in. It will improve not only your productivity, but your mood and behaviour, as well. Make sure to invest in artificial lighting, too. Use a warm light that can work as a natural light. Such a thing can give a soothing ambiance, still. Take note that bad lighting can cause eye strain and stress. So, have the right lighting in your office space.

Invest in Gym Equipment

Keep a light gym equipment in your office space at home. It will encourage you to take short breaks that can be of help in getting back to work with a clearer mind and a stronger body.

Shop for Stationery Items

Any office space is and will never be complete without stationery items that you can use in writing down notes, etc. Some of the stationery items you need are chameleon pens, pencils, and sticky notes.

Have the Best Office Furniture

Comfort has to be your top priority at all times as it can help you work effectively and productively. Splurge on an ergonomic chair and table that can provide utmost comfort. Do not forget to add a pillow that can give extra comfort to your ergonomic chair.


It is impossible to work in an unkempt office environment. So, purge your home of all the items that you do not need anymore. It can be old toys that your kids do not play with any longer.

Add Some Greenery

Add some greenery by having indoor plants in your office space. They do not only have the power to update the aesthetics of your office space, but they can give an array of benefits to your health, too. Have a big indoor plant in one corner or a few small indoor plants scattered around – the choice is all yours.

Use a Room Scent

The scent can play a key important in your performance. Use a scent like peppermint, and keep it soft. It can be in a form of essential oil or scented candle.

Dress Properly

Try to dress properly even if you are working right at the comfort of your home. It will make you feel more professional and you will be ready to approach your work in the most efficient way as possible.

Of course, you need to have the right technology so you can do your job correctly. Some of the items you need are a reliable desktop or laptop, and headset.