Intervention orders or more commonly called and known as restraining orders is when an individual is restricted in behaviour or actions towards another. Best known examples are victims of domestic or family abuse and celebrities or famous people who are being harassed by their fans turned stalkers. No one wants to experience any grievances or harassment from others; but there are those circumstances when filing for an intervention order is the best and logical step for the individual to do.

If you think an intervention order is what would resolve the problems you are facing, there are certain factors that you need to consider first.

What is your basis for the intervention order?

People file for an intervention order when they or someone they love and care about feels unsafe because of the actions of another individual. Other reasons why people file for restraining orders are when someone harassed them, when they were assaulted or threats of assaults were made and when they were psychologically and emotionally abused.

People could also file for a restraining order when their beloved pets were threatened or their properties were damaged. The abovementioned situation could get you a restraining order since these are lawful and you have a consequential reason to apply for one. If it is still unclear for when you could apply for a restraining order, talk to a professional. For intervention order lawyer Melbourne has numerous law firms that offer their specializations.

Did the local authorities ignore your report?

Victims often report to the local authorities when someone is aggressively behaving against them. Unfortunately, there are times when the local authorities could not do anything to help the victims. If you have reported your case to your local authorities but you were not able to get the result that you wanted, you could apply for a restraining order with the help of a lawyer.

If you are applying for an intervention order against a family member, ask for the advice of an experienced lawyer to deal with this tricky situation. A dispute within a family could be damaging to all family members so hiring a lawyer who is used to dealing with familial restraining orders is a wise decision.

Is the intervention order the only solution you could follow?

Another way that you could pursue aside for applying for an intervention order is applying for an injunction. What is the difference between an injunction and a restraining order? An injunction could be issued even before the suspect have been charged with a criminal case while the intervention order is issued at the end of the case although it could be issued even if the offender was not found guilty. Both are used for the same purpose so if you find yourself not eligible for an injunction, apply for a restraining order and vice versa.

Intervention or restraining orders have legal consequences and if you think filing for one against someone is the action you must take, contact a professional lawyer and ask for their legal advice.