While they are our pets, we often consider cats to be a member of the family. Cats are indeed high maintenance, but are also easy little fur creatures to play and move around with! Not only do we treat them like a person sometimes, but we also connect with them on a deeper level. Ensuring its comfort and safety is our duty.

As a cat lover and cat owner, we tend to provide and spoil our cats with the best lifestyle at home. This includes getting them their own little bed to sleep and snuggle in! And we’re not talking little cardboard boxes, nope. We’re talking a proper cat bed, all cushioned up for the little fellow. Here’s all you need to know about getting your cats the right bed to sleep in.

Reasons you should get your cat a bed

  • Routines sleep schedule – getting your cat a bed to sleep in helps create a routine in their sleep pattern. Once they realize what the space is for, they are bound to sleep in just their bed rather than just anywhere.
  • A worthy investment – it’s no secret that cats love their sleep. Therefore, investing in a bed can be quiet the smart choice. Did you know that a cat sleep for about two-thirds of their lifetime.

Benefits of having a cat bed

  • Comfort – setting up a cat bed for your cat provides it with instant comfort and a sense of personal space for it to own to sleep in.
  • Helps manage arthritis – opting for an orthopaedic bed make for a very wise choice especially if your cat is a bit older. This not only helps avoid arthritis but if your cat already has it, the bed can help ease the pain too.
  • Marked territory – we all know how much a cat loves having specific spaces designated to them. Providing them with the best cat bed allows you to keep it away from furniture or other spaces you want it to avoid.

Setting up the bed for your cat

  • Elevated or not – certain cats prefer sleeping on elevated surfaces while others may not. Therefore, understand your cat’s preference and select one with a height that suits her just right. Above all, ensure that the bed is stable and comfortable for your feline friend.
  • Habitat – your cat may prefer a certain area better than the other. Making sure you place its bed in the right area can encourage her to use it rather than turn her nose up against it. Cars are known to love cosy and warm spots that are often near the sun.
  • Keep it smelling good – always keep your cat bed fresh and clean. Believe it or not, they may not prefer funny or odd smelling spaces thus making the bed entirely useless of its purpose.  Therefore, boos their liking for the space with suitable scents.

Cats are one of the most beautiful and interesting animals to own. So, whenever you do something for it, make sure you do it right!