The Corona virus that took a major effect in the beginning of March for most countries is still running rampant with no trace of slowing down. Even with social distancing and other methods to contain the virus, it is evident that the situation will prevail the same for the foreseeable future. Lockdowns and travel bans were lifted for most parts of the world toward May but are still being heavily imposed in countries of high risk.

The risk of Covid-19 being a threat even toward the next year has raised questions on how do we carry on with life within the context of this new normal. Can isolation and working from home go on forever or are we supposed to establish ways to function while also being safe?

However, throughout this period, the online industry has shot up in popularity. It seems that everyone is turning to an online culture to continue their business operations. In order to allow people to slide back into ordinary routines such as going to public places, using an online platform to track movements is the only solution.

Going paperless

In recent months the public has been asked to enter their names, contact details etc. before entering a public place as a form of contact tracing. However with the visitor registration app for covid-19 contact tracing once information is entered, it does not have to be re-entered when you visit a new place.

Centralized information

Each time a new cluster is found there is complete havoc within the authorities trying to trace the connections of the person infected. Considering how fast the virus spreads and the degree of infection cannot be determined immediately in some the process is slow and tedious. But with centralized information of everyone’s whereabouts all linking to a common source the results can be found electronically reducing time and increasing efficiency.

Planning for the future

In the instance that the public is required to only enter places such as restaurants or movie theatres with prior appointment, slotting in the bookings can ease the congestion and crowd. Thus, allowing the management of such establishments to plan their settings or layouts adhering to social distancing practices.

A sense of social responsibility is built

Building up discipline within a society of different opinions and suggestions can be difficult. On the other hand, though if the public is made to realize that online platforms implemented for contact tracing and containing the virus they will eventually adhere to regulations. Strict rules such as you cannot enter a public place without giving your information force the public to abide by such rules that are ensuring their safety.

Security of information

Along with these information platforms being implemented the public should be guaranteed the safety of their personal information. Under no measures should user information be compromised for other purposes.

In the generation of smart phones and advances of technology, using online platforms can be efficient and accurate measures to re- construct the society we live in.