Creating content is the easy part. Promoting content in a highly competitive market niche is tough, tedious, and quite frustrating. Your content promotion strategy should not be limited to occasional social media shares and paid advertisements. Any aggressive content promotion plan must be evaluated based on the end results.

If your content promotion plan is working just ok, then it’s in need of a dire upgrade. Here are several next level suggestions that will help you elevate your content as effectively as possible:

Aim for Press Coverage

Press coverage is a dream for any brand, but it doesn’t come so easily to many. If you want the best links, traffic, and interest surrounding your content, getting a journalist to share it or mention it in a news article would definitely do it, says

Attracting the attention of journalists is notoriously difficult (unless your brand has done something truly atrocious). But there might be a quick and easy way to do it. For one, you can conduct original research journalists can use in their articles, which naturally means mentions for the content or the brand.

The other method is to find influential (as in has many followers) journalists for a particular niche. Once you have published your content, pitch the material to the journalist for sharing on their feeds. You can use a tool like Buzzsumo to find the right journalists that would appeal to your target audience.

Don’t expect this to be easy. But it’s certainly worth a try for promising content. There’s still hardly any better coverage than news coverage for content.

Use Industry Influencers to Gain Shares and Links

How much traffic does an article attract once its posted on a brand’s social media profiles? For the most time, the results are subpart. The reason here is that you are not sharing content to the right audience. The right audience doesn’t just follow your social media profile. The right audience would be concentrated around people who are respected in a given industry.

Consider, for example, the Kissmetrics blog, famous in the digital marketing community. The success of Kissmetrics largely relies on building a strong brand that appealed to the other players in the field.

For example, one of the most successful Kissmetrics articles gained traffic because of an influencer in the field. Not a social media influencer, but a respected digital marketer shared the Kissmetrics post on his Twitter. As a result, the floodgates opened, bringing in likeminded traffic.

You can try the same for your clients. Instead of mindlessly promoting the content on social media, find influencers who can do it for you. Influencers here mean people your target audience is most likely to follow, not celebrities on social media.

Maintain Uniqueness

In the highly saturated world of blogging and content creation, most articles tend to resemble one another. While writers are smart enough now to avoid to bypass plagiarism tools, similarities simply don’t disappear. One reason for this is that content creators are writing articles around the same topics. Similar topics are unavoidable in certain sectors, such as digital marketing for example.

You can certainly go looking for unique topics. Alternatively, you can design unique posts to match topics that interest users at any given time. That means maintaining uniqueness, not just avoiding copy-paste, should be a priority in your content marketing strategy.

So how can you make your content unique? Doing original research would certainly help here. Use data or information directly from research papers that aren’t widely published on other blogs. Also, you can gather quotes from influential movers and shakers in the industry. In other words, take a journalistic approach to creating content to keep the material as unique as possible.

Unique content has the advantage of attracting attention in a sea of similar posts. Unique content also gets more shares. Other bloggers will most likely link to information posted in your article, or even cite your data. All in all, unique content wins, so it’s worth every second and penny invested in it.

Write Headlines that Solve Problems

The ultimate purpose of content is to grab attention. To do that, your content needs darn good headlines. This ties to the uniqueness mentioned above. So how do you find these great headlines? Source your topics from questions and answers your audience is most likely to ask.

Head over to a site like Yahoo Answers or Quora to research content topics based on questions real people ask. You might also be able to refer to your own customer service department. Once you nail down a popular question, create content around it. Base the headline on the questions for top-notch Google search results. And voila, you have highly relevant, interesting, newsworthy, and sharable content.

Do think beyond the regular sharing strategies to promote your content. Use the above next-level strategies to enhance your content promotion plan.