Due to the high demand for energy, the utilization of non-renewable resources like oil, coal and gas is drastically increasing. These energy sources are causing damage to the earth where we live in. With this in mind, renewable energy sources are stealing the limelight little by little. Many countries have started to use solar energy to generate electricity yet, many aren’t still knowledgeable enough about it. Here are some facts that might change how you see solar energy.

Fact 1. Solar energy is abundantly found anywhere for free. Of course! No one can monopolize the sun right? Thus, you have the access to it anytime, anywhere. What more? Your solar panel still generates electricity whatever the weather condition is.

Fact 2. The most exciting use of solar energy is a solar power which is collected by collected through panels which are then transformed into electricity.

Fact 3. Solar power does not produce any sound at all since there is no moving part and it does not require any other energy source aside from sunlight.

Fact 4. Solar energy can produce electricity for a home 24/7 and it can even go beyond what a family

can consume.

Fact 5. Most solar power company’s offer more than 20 years of warranty. Within those years, you have surely harnessed most benefits from it and you have already enjoyed having it in your house or even at your business. Furthermore, solar energy is also viewed as an  industrial power solutions  because of how beneficial it is especially when we are speaking about cost and practicality.

Fact 6. Solar energy is measured in kilowatt-hour just like any other energy source.

Fact 7. Solar energy is the cleanest source of energy available. It does not produce any pollutant at all. There is no greenhouse gas emitted in as much as there are no other chemicals that are produced in the process of generating electricity.

Fact 8. Solar energy is a renewable source of energy with very low maintenance and is very easy to install. The solar energy system is made to withstand any weather condition even if it is raining or a storm or snow surge is happening.

Fact 9. Solar energy is harnessed through solar warming, solar architecture, artificial photosynthesis, photo-voltaic and solar thermal electricity.

Fact 10. Solar energy can either be active or passive. Active technology includes photovoltaic panels and solar thermal collectors while passive energy is used to increase air circulation and the like.

These are just a few things about solar energy. There are still a lot of things that await your discovery. The use of solar energy is almost limitless. The only limitation that can be determined today is that it does not generate power at night. Aside from this, all seems to be favourable about it.

Generally speaking, solar energy is a good choice as seen in the facts mentioned above and there are still a lot more evidence that will show you why solar energy is beneficial and not harmful at all.