One of the main things that affect the productivity of your staff in an office is the working environment and the atmosphere that created within the office through its interior design and decoration. Here are some of the best office decor ideas that will help any working staff to increase their productivity.

Good Lighting

Inadequate lighting can give off a gloomy, depressed vibe. Good lighting help reduce eye strain that comes with reading in low light and it is also a method to boost energy and reduce stress in the workplace. Utilize natural lights as much as possible as this will not only save you the trouble of getting new lights but also will help you to conserve more energy. Some of the ways to do this are by utilizing sheer window treatments. Ty to avoid using opaque blinds or curtains. You can also try replacing the traditional cubicles with glass partitions by getting the services of glass replacement Perth.


Make sure you use inspiring colors on the color palette that is used for the interior decoration. Do not ever stick to dark or light colors only. Make sure there is a range of shades so that the place will not look too shady or too large and vacant. More colors can also add a vibrant and energizing mood to the place and is extremely beneficial in creating a mentally relaxing environment. Some of the shades you can try are blue, yellow, green and violet. You can mix light and dark shades together to balance the colors out so that the place will not look too dark or too light and blank.


One good way to reduce stress and be clear minded while you are working on any project is to keep your work environment or your work table clean. Too much clutter around you can make you feel overwhelmed. Keep only the absolutely necessary stuff on your work table and remove the rest. Store them in a proper manner or if there are any items, files, papers that you haven’t used then get rid of them immediately. Have a trashcan by your table so that you will not have crumpled up papers and all the other trash lying at your feet.

Good Storage

One good method to de-clutter your workspace is to start a good storage method. One of the reasons for any work table to get cluttered is not having a good storage space for many of your items. Make separate space for different items on shelves or drawers have spate spaces for finished files, work to be done, and extra stationery such as paper.  Items that you use regularly such as pens, pencils, staplers, paper clips etc. can be placed in a desk organizer. To make things even easier you can try labeling them or using a color coded system to identify them.

Creating a pleasant environment will make the employees happy at their workplace and motivate them to perform their best. Therefore, in order to increase productivity and gain the maximum benefits for your company, keeping the work environment, pleasant and friendly is necessary.