As a small business struggling to break the ice, making a profit is a hard business. You’re dealing with employee salaries, rent, logistics, packaging etc. And you learn to cut costs where you can. Energy consumption makes up one of the most substantial areas of running costs of a business and if you’re struggling, the first place you should direct your attention to is this. Here’s how you can reduce your office bills with just a few simple changes.

Energy Saving Devices

Energy saving devices may be a tad bit more expensive to invest in but that’s because they save you more money in the long run. Each year, companies are creating more and more energy efficient appliances, so why not start here? When you’re buying your appliances, be it your air conditioner or water dispenser online, look for the most energy-efficient option when making your choice.

Consultation Companies

Usually by hiring an energy audit company, they will examine all your processes and operations and assess what’s draining your finances. Then you can work on adjusting your energy needs accordingly. To make any true difference and you’ll be need help looking past the obvious solutions to more hidden issues.


Did you know LEDs account for 50% of energy savings? Not only are they efficient, but they burn brighter and they last far longer, reducing your need for replacement costs as well. They also happen to recyclable and good for the environment. So if you use incandescent light bulbs make sure to make the switch fast because they’re a proven draining source of finances when compared with LEDs. Many companies and organizations have started investing in LEDs and as a result, the price has also been declining!

Using HVAC

On a hot day, how easy is it for employees to crank down the temperature of the air conditioner and keep the appliance on for far longer than is necessary? This is a perfect example of over-using equipment. Use your HVAC system mindfully so that employees can adjust to a neutral environment, which is neither too hot nor too cold.

Switching Off

One of the most important aspects of working in an office is teaching your employees to be mindful about their energy consumption. Eventually, your bills also depend on their ability to use equipment carefully and mindfully. Attach posters next to main switches, reminding employees to switch off the lights when a room is not in use. Encourage them not to leave taps on that waste water or to leave air con running for longer than necessary. These are all ground rules that need to be established from day one and anyone who breaks them must be remanded lightly.


By making use of controls, a detector will be able to analyze how much daylight is in the room and dim accordingly. Also, make sure to use large windows so that employees can make use of natural sunlight for as long as possible instead of depending on lights.

Use these steps to manage your bills efficiently and notice a difference in your consumption in no time.