Getting bored with our car because we have used it for a long time is natural. But since not all of us could spare to buy a new one every time we are tired of riding the same vehicle, why not make the old one look like brand new?

There are simple and affordable ways for you to do this. You just need a little creativity, patience and a lot of hard work.

Keep It Clean

You might think it’s simple or you might think it is common sense. But you’d be surprised that there are car owners who are overlooking this simple thing. It’s common to see a car with discarded tissues on the floor or worn socks and gym bag under the seats. This is one of the culprits of making your car look timeworn and outdated.

Make it a habit to dispose of your car’s trash every time you go out of your vehicle. Don’t let them accumulate. Caked dirt, dust and grime could also make your vehicle look obsolete. Have it professionally cleaned every once in a while or clean it wash and soap and vacuum the inside every week. Invest in best car cleaning products in Australia to ensure that your vehicle is getting the best care.

Purchase Good Quality Coverings

Don’t dismiss the idea of floor mats and seat covers. If you purchase good quality coverings, the original interior of your car is protected from daily wear and tear. If you accidentally spilled something on the seat, you just need to remove the cover and pop it in the washing machine and dryer. If it is raining and the ground is covered in mud, your shoes would only dirty the floor mat instead of your car’s interior. It would be easier for you to clean the mat instead of your car’s carpet.

Get the Dents and Scratches Professionally Repaired

When your car’s exterior is clean, it would be easier for you to spot the dents and scratches. There are DIY kits to fix these and for minor scratches and shallow dents, you could do it yourself. But for major ones, splurge and have it professionally repaired. If the damage is significant, don’t try to repair it yourself for you might end up making it worse. Besides, you would not be charged that much since you have already taken care of the insignificant and minor damages beforehand.

Limit Eating in The Car

Eating in your car could not be avoided especially if your mornings are usually busy, but if you could limit or avoid it, the better. It could be the cause of accidental spillage and the smell of food is difficult to dispel, especially if you keep eating inside your vehicle regularly.

If you follow these simple steps it would not magically make your car look like how it is when you first purchase it, but it would look more presentable, and would extend its lifespan.