If you are looking to hire a good electrician, there are 5 qualities that you need to look out for. These qualities include time management skill, attention to detail, problem solving skill, communication skill and dependability.

These qualities are all necessary but if you have a hard time looking for one that has all of these five qualities, focus and decides on which one is more important to you and which one is more relevant to what you need to be done. For example, if you only need an electrician for a simple task, you could forego the problem solving skill since the issue is small. However, this is only applicable to when you are really out of options since it is still recommendable that the electrician you hire is dependable, with excellent problem solving, time management and communication skill and with attention to detail.

Time Management

Since most if not all electricians are paid the hour, an electrician with excellent time management skill is necessary. Finishing a job, especially a complex one on time is a skill that not everyone learns. This is a skill that is also looked for by employers wanting to hire electricians who are able to deliver the client’s deadline.

Attention To Detail

Since an electrician’s job is dangerous and involves lots of risks, an electrician that is attentive to detail is necessary. If they forgot one small detail or got even the tiniest aspect wrong, the result might not only be costly, it might even cost someone their life. An electrician needs to be cautious at all times and must regard the safety of the end user and the people they work with.

Problem Solving

Electricians would be faced with difficult scenarios in their line of duty. Sure they would have assignments and tasks that are easy. But what if they are confronted with more complex problems? How would they be able to face it? Fortunately, a Ringwood licensed electrician is skilled in fixing and coming up with solutions for more complicated issues.

Communication Skill

An electrician needs to be a good communicator since they would be talking to numerous people. They would not only be talking to clients, they would also be in constant communication with estimators, real estate agents, engineers, project managers, quantity surveyors, safety officers, etc. If they lack the necessary communication skills, how would they be able to work well with others? How would they be able to tell their clients what the problems are and the possible solutions to implement?


Perhaps one of the most important qualities an electrician should have, being dependable is what employers and clients look for. An electrician who is able to deliver when they say they will finish and an electrician who could guarantee that their work is exceptional every time is a professional who values their clients and employers regard.

Helping their clients feel reassured and calm is another quality that a good electrician must have. Being calm as well during emergencies is another trait that would help the electrician acquires more customers in the future.