Adding a leather jacket to your outfit will definitely add some style and flare when paired with the right clothing. In order to wear a leather jacket, it is important to select the correct type of jacket as well so that it goes with the style you are trying to achieve. In order to complete the look, you must ensure that you have the jacket matches the rest of the look such as the clothing and the accessories. Find below some simple tips on how to best wear a leather jacket with its various choices.

Types of Jackets

When it comes to choosing a jacket, there are various types to pick from. Bomber jackets are waist-length, short jackets with a fairly soft lining. These are worn for warmth and tend to be the warmest variety when it comes to leather jackets. These are great for cold climates and have a casual and chic look. Motorcycle jackets portray a bold style. These particular jackets have a flared collar, long lapels and a zipper in front. A duster jacket is the one to wear to make a statement. They are usually very long and go past the knees and tend to grab attention wherever you go. It is not the jacket to go for if you want to downplay your style. They are also ideal for taller people. If you want a snug jacket that is with or without collar, then a racer jacket may work well. The best part is that they come in a variety of colours. Well, LittleLusso can help you take care of any leather product so that you can always keep your jackets well maintained.

Picking the Appropriate Clothing

Even the most slim-fitted or snug leather jacket may tend to feel and look bulkier in nature so it’s better to always go for a lighter piece of clothing under the jacket. Light blouses, shirts and other light coloured tops work well with leather jackets. When it comes to the pants, leather jackets work well with slimming pants such as skinny jeans or leggings. This is because leather will look bulky on top and you don’t want to add more bulk on the bottom with baggy or loose fitting pants. Selecting the colours you wear is equally important. With brown or black leather, most colours match easier. It is not only the casual look you can go for when styling leather jackets, you can also pair it with formal attire. A leather jacket looks great with a slimming dress or dress pants for formal occasions.

Adding In the Accessories

Accessories help complete the overall look therefore pay close attention to your shoes, scarves, caps or any jewellery that you may add.It is best to pair the colour of your footwear with your jacket as this works well in coordinating the colours on the top with the bottom. The best part of wearing leather jackets is that most footwear ranging from flats pumps to boots match with jackets. You can add accessories such as a baseball cap for a sporty style that is casual and fun.