Even if you have a dedicated in-house marketing team work can get quite overwhelming. So, having a strategic relationship with an ad agency can help. Here are somethings to consider when looking to pick a good agency.

Cost Effectiveness

There are so many types of agencies spread across the world right now. There are different types of agencies like Full-service ad agencies, digital ad agencies, public relations ad agencies and so on.

A full-service agency as the name suggests offers a wide range of capabilities like Ad campaigns, TV ads, Content Creating, Radio Commercials, Graphic Design, Strategic Planning, Social Media Ads, Web development, SEO, Lead Nurturing. A full service will usually run your campaign on multiple platforms. So, this will require a big budget that some companies can’t handle.

So, if you are on a tight budget explore a dedicated ad agency that specializes on the type of advertisements you are looking for. The most popular platform used today is the social media platform. If your focus is on creating an online presence it makes more sense to partner with a social media ad agency rather than a full-service one.

If you are looking for a social media advertising agency Melbourne there are somereputable names.

Industry Expertise

There are two aspects to this, a good ad agency should know the industry that you operate in and they should also have a deep knowledge of what they do. The latter is much more important than the former because there is no better expert thanyou when it comes to the industry your company operates in so when you partner with an agency you can fill in the knowledge gaps easily.

However, if you pick an agency that lacks knowledge in what they do this quite a challenge because the reason that your hire them in the first place is because you lack the resources and knowledge to accomplish your marketing tasks.

So, before you make a choice it is always recommended to go through the portfolio of an agency and make sure that they are adept in what they do.


Creativity is an important aspect in the marketing arena. From the conception of a campaign to the execution there should be constant innovation and creativity which will make your brand stand out.

However, you shouldn’t go too overboard with creativity either because it is easy to lose track of the end goal or the problem you are trying to solve with your marketing strategy.

Culture Fit

Last but not least no matter how good the agency is if it doesn’t fit the culture of the business, the work relationship is going to be a disaster.

A good work relationship is key to producing end results that are high in quality and satisfy both parties.

These are just some of the main things to consider when picking an agency for a strategic relationship. The most important aspect for me is the culture fit because without a good working relationship nothing can be achieved.